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5 Free Platforms to Easily Add Subtitles to Your Videos in 2022

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By Teachshack | February 24, 2022
5 Free Platforms to Easily Add Subtitles to Your Videos in 2022

Do you want to add subtitles to your videos but don't know how? Don't worry, we've got you covered! In this blog post, we will discuss 5 platforms that make adding subtitles to your videos a breeze. So whether you are a business owner looking to create more engaging content or just someone who wants to watch their favorite movie with subtitles, we have the perfect platform for you!


#1 Zubtitle

The first platform we recommend is Zubtitle. Zubtitle is a free online subtitling tool that is very easy to use. Simply upload your video, let its software add the subtitles for you, and download the finished product. Seriously, you'll never have to type or upload subtitles ever again. Zubtitle also offers a variety of customization options, so you can make sure your subtitles look great!

Pricing: Free for up to 2 videos a month, upgrade at $9/mo


#2 Kapwing

If you are looking for a more comprehensive subtitle solution, Kapwing is the platform for you. This online video editor offers users the ability to add subtitles to their videos in over 100 languages. Kapwing also makes it easy to synchronize your subtitles with your video's audio track, ensuring that they appear at the right time and place.

Pricing: Free for unlimited videos upto 5 minutes, upgrade at $16/mo


#3 Veed.io

The next platform we recommend is Veed.io. Veed is an online video creation tool that makes adding subtitles a breeze. With Veed, you can create professional-looking subtitles in minutes. Simply import your video, type or paste your subtitle text, and hit publish!

Pricing: Free for up to 1 video, upgrade at $12/mo (annual billing)


#4 Amara

Amara is a free and open-source subtitling tool that makes it easy to create, caption, and translate videos. With Amara, you can create subtitles in over 300 languages! Not to mention, Amara also allows you to sync your subtitles with your video so that they are displayed at the exact right time.

Pricing: Free for public workspace, upgrade at $24/mo


#5 Subtitle Workshop

Subtitle Workshop is a free, open-source subtitle editor for Windows. With this software, you can easily create, edit, and translate subtitles for your videos. Subtitle Workshop also supports a variety of subtitle formats, so you can easily export your subtitles to any device or video hosting platform.

Pricing: Free download of open-source software.


We hope you found this blog post helpful! Adding subtitles and captions are really important nowadays for increased viewership. So go ahead and try any of these platforms above to reach your audience goals!

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