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4 steps to create a compelling introduction video

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By Teachshack | December 17, 2021
4 steps to create a compelling introduction video

Whether you're trying to create an online course, a consulting profile, a channel on social media or host online classes, the visitors want to see a glimpse of you before they would be ready to buy or subscribe. We're all spoiled now with Youtube, Instagram and Tiktok and our subconscious rejects most of the people that we can't see. So here's 4 simple steps to create a compelling intro video that'll earn your visitor's interest:


1.What camera to use?

If you notice most of the attractive introduction videos online, you'll see a pattern where the background behind the person is blurry, so the face and expressions are highlighted. It's called the Bokeh effect. Create this easily using a digital camera, a smartphone or even a video conference tool like Zoom, Google or Microsoft.

Digital camera : Just reduce the "f" settings to create focus on your face.

Smartphone : Check out our video blog on how to create a blurred background video, just using your iphone . Other smartphones may have the inbuilt "portrait" feature for video recording.

Video conference : If neither works, create a new meeting on Zoom or other video conference tool, add the in-built effect to blur the background and press record.


2.Recording tips

Light matters : Record in daylight in a room with natural light on your face. If you can't record in daylight, you can buy a "Ring Light Tripod Stand" so it adds light on your face while recording.

Angle and Format : Set the camera angle at your eye level, using tripod or other accessories. If you're recording through phone, it should be set in horizontal/landscape format for wide angle videos.

Blurry Background : The background will look blurry only if there are items in the background, like frames, furniture, other decor etc. Instead of recording in front of a plain wall, try recording with items in the background, which are blurred as explained in #1 above.

Talk to me, not screen : Look into the camera while talking, not the screen. Some people look at screen to read what they're saying but it creates less impact. If its hard for you to remember, then just record 10-15 seconds at a stretch and it can be stitched together while editing. But its recommended to look at the camera while talking.

Louder please : If you're close to camera while talking, you don't need a microphone. The audio can be increased while editing. If you're recording from a distance, you can buy a bluetooth microphone or shotgun microphone and connect to your camera for best audio.


3.What to speak?

You can choose any of the two proven methods (ideal duration 30 to 120 seconds) :

First :

  • Start with who you are.
  • Followed by your biggest accomplishment.
  • Followed by the problems you can solve via your offering(whether digital course, consultation or classes) or how the learners will feel after the problem is solved.
  • Ending with an action item related to your offering for example "Let's talk" (consultations), "See you on the other side (digital course)", "Look forward to helping you out" etc.

Second :

  • Start with the problems people are facing for example, "are you struggling with .........".
  • Followed by how you can help them.
  • Followed by who you are & your biggest accomplishment.
  • Ending with the action item at the end.



An introduction video is incomplete without proper editing. You can easily convert a simple video into a powerful one by adding below items:

Music : Videos without light background music are boring. Add it easily using free mobile app Vita.

GIFs & Stickers : Everyone loves memes and gifs. Add it easily using free mobile app Vita.

Captions - No matter your accent, it's important to add captions nowadays because of global audience. The easiest way to add captions is by using Zubtitle. Their amazing platform adds the caption based on your audio automatically and it's free for your first video. If you want to add on more videos, you can use the referral code : HAD615 for getting 50% off your first month.



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